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Ambassador Audio Bible

Because Someone Is Waiting To Hear!

You can provide the Word of God to someone who is waiting to hear for just $25!

Ambassador Audio Bibles contain Bible teaching & texts in the heart language of those who will receive it.

At this time we are in urgent need of $7,500 to complete a shipment of 300 players for the Pokot people of east Africa. They are in desperate need of God's Word...please pray about helping meet this urgent need!
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Ambassador Audio Bible

Solar Charged

The Ambassador Audio Bibles you send contain a solar panel which will keep keep them charged for years to come

Heart Language

The Ambassador Audio Bibles you send will contain Bible teachings or texts in the heart language of those who receive them


Each Ambassador Audio Bible is made of a durable hard plastic for reliability for years of listening


Just $25 USD puts an Ambassador Audio Bible into the hands of someone who has limited, or no, access to the gospel

New Life Africa Networks is a non-profit Christian ministry which exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Africa through radio stations, the New Life Africa Satellite Networks, the Podcast Network, and distribution of the Ambassador Audio Bible solar MP3 players to people who have limited, or no, access to God's Word.

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